About Knitt

Giving just got smarter.

Knitt enables a better way, a smarter way. A way for donors and nonprofits to see each other more clearly.

Discovering, Nurturing, and Building Stronger Relationships.

Knitt creates partnerships between businesses with nonprofits that seek funding for their causes in the communities they serve. Knitt accomplishes this by empowering the discovery, nurturing, and building of relationships between nonprofits and businesses based on common values, beliefs, and an overarching mission to give back.

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Greater intelligence. Deeper connections. Better relationships.

Knitt creates additional opportunities to network. Donors and nonprofits are connected on Knitt for a reason. They have something in common. It won’t replace the in-person connection, it just makes it easier and more strategic.

How Knitt Helps

Knitt makes giving smarter.

Knitt is a web-based platform that matches, manages and reports on donations in a meaningful way.

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Knitt facilitates the pairing of donors and nonprofits to determine a match.

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Knitt tracks the giving to charities by all donation types in one central location

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Knitt provides the views of who you give to and when in a single online dashboard

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