Reduce the Overhead of Giving

Replace the time spent on unwanted solicitations with more time invested on the right ones.

Knitt Features for Donors

What Donors Say

“I’m not sure if this entity is who they say they are and I don’t have the time to research them.”

How Knitt Answers

Verify : Nonprofits on Knitt are verified 501 organizations with easy-to-read profiles to help you identify the causes you care about.

What Donors Say

“I’d like to be more strategic with my givings, but I don’t have the time.”

How Knitt Answers

Track : Gain control of your giving by tracking your donor activity through Knitt.

What Donors Say

“Our giving is haphazard. We have no plan and no visibility to the impact of our donations.”

How Knitt Answers

Discover : Find gaps in your giving and monitor your donation goals with the Knitt dashboard.

How Donors Gain Control of Giving with Knitt

Connect Icon

Nonprofit Matching

Gain visibility to nonprofits that align with your company’s giving goals.

Track Icon

Donation Tracking

Track your year-to-date donations in one centrally-stored location.

Review Icon

Giving Dashboard

View and analyze your annual giving, as well as your year-over-year donations.

Qualify Icon

Relationship Control

Research and connect with nonprofits that support the causes you care most about.

Organize Icon

Printable Receipts

Knitt creates and stores receipts for each transaction. Instantly access all of your records for end-of-year tax purposes.

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Relationship Analytics

Knitt monitors your connected relationships to allow for strategic review of future giving.

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