Why Knitt

Knitt creates smarter
connections between like-minded
businesses and nonprofits.

Knitt is a place where local businesses highlight their giving mission and nonprofits find new partnerships. As a web-based platform, Knitt offers a wide range of digital tools to help plan, track and account for corporate giving.

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Why Knitt

Giving should be easy but it's not.

For Donors

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Time & Resources

Donors want to support local nonprofits, but they lack the time and resources to qualify each request.

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Donors lose track of who they give to, why they give to them, and the impact their giving makes.

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Record Keeping

Maintaining spreadsheets, reminders, post-it-notes and outdated records is costly, error-prone and inefficient.

For Nonprofits

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If donors don't see the impact of their giving, expanding the relationship is very difficult.

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Nonprofits spend too much time and effort calling on people who don't align with their mission.

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End-to-End Tracking

The process of tracking donations and the steps involved for follow up are not working.

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A better way. An easier way. A smarter way to give.

With Knitt, corporate giving becomes much more efficient and productive for everyone involved.
Greater intelligence. Deeper connections. Better relationships.

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For Donors

For Nonprofits

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We believe in building a stronger community through relationship discovery and charity. Learn why.

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Knitt creates smarter partnerships between local businesses and nonprofits.