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Finding the next donor that aligns with your cause is almost impossible. With so many obstacles in the way for nonprofits, making it harder to break through, harder to connect with the right partners, harder to get the financial support they need.

Knitt makes the process smarter by enabling you to focus on donors who’ve already indicated support for your type of mission.

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Smarter searching with Knitt.

Knitt helps replace the time spent on blind solicitations with time spent finding the donors willing to support missions like yours.

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Make your marketing efforts count.

Knitt provides you with the donor feedback necessary to help you modify or adapt your outreach strategy to expand your connected relationships.


Uncover a better, smarter way.

Knitt pushes past your existing relationships to uncover unknown new ones that support your mission.

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Nonprofit Benefits

Build partnerships that matter.

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Donor Matching

Gain visibility and get marketed to donors that align with your mission statement

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Rejection Feedback

View trends and/or direct statements as to why certain donors decline connecting with you

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Relationship Control

Monitor your connected relationships to allow for targeted future fund- raising efforts

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Fundraising Tracking

Track what each donor has given to your cause and the details necessary for follow-up efforts

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Goal Measurements

Measure the progress of your annual goals to the current received gifts in one central location

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Analytics Dashboard

Manage all your goals, connections, and fundraising efforts effortlessly in one place

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Frequently asked questions.

Knitt reduces wasted time from nonprofits to find net new connections by creating a filtered list of potential donors that match your criteria (i.e. likely to donate to your cause). Once the connection is confirmed by the donor, relationship discovery occurs and the donor can be added to your marketing campaigns.

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